Kamu Traveller? What type of traveller are you?

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Suka jalan-jalan atau travelling ?

Sebagian orang pasti suka bepergian kan, nah, banyak banget yang kudu diperhatiin kalo kita lagi bepergian, salah satunya outfit atau pakaian yang kita kenakan saat bepergian. Banyak hal yang mempengaruhi gaya berpakaian kita saat bepergian lho. Mulai dari kebiasaan – kenyamanan – sampai trend terkini.

 Nah, ini nih tipe traveler menurut saya :

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i wanna go to Korea someday!



Perfume Doll Bottle

This perfume doll bottle is not really a perfume (in liquid i mean), but, i do love the unique smeel that came out from this yellow paper.


a Handmade Key Chain


a “N Seoul Tower” silver spoon


a 2NE1 lightstick


Love it when i turn on the Lightstick


A big big thanks to kak.April who really generously buy this lot of handicraft and many snack for me :). I’ve got so much from her. hehehe.  i wanna go to Korea someday. Yes, someday!

And, you know what food she wants from Indonesia? MIE INSTAN! Yeah, the instant noodle (like Indomie, mie Sedap,dsb). Hahaha, isn’t it weird? She lives in a country that flooded with Ramyun – 라면 (Korean noodle) — So why she still want an Indonesian instant noodle?

just realized after i try the original ramyun that the Indonesian instant noodle tastes much BETTER than ramyun. (my appetite is so Indonesia!)   Believe it!  Our country have lots of  spices (rempah-rempah). Be proud of it, Guys!

But,i still want to go to Korea! hehehhe :p