Jung Joon Young !

At first, i know you wanna ask me who is “Jung Joon Young”.

Who is he? He is a Korean rock-singer, songwriter and radio DJ. He was born in Indonesia, but raised in China, Japan, Europe (England and France) and the Philippines. He has lived in ten different countries. (wow~!)


I like his voice that’s kinda unique. his voice, it’s so amazed-yep!. First time it’s because my friend who suggested to listen he sing a song called “Bobbed hair” that actually has been improved and remaked (?) — so much difference with the original one. Then he began to debut as singer (solo) on 10.10.2013 with a mini album. I like all of his song in this album.

Just a few week after his debut, he was nominated as “Best New male Artist” and “Artist of The Year” on Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). So, here i made a little poster to support him 🙂 . I uploaded it on my twitter account and mentioned it to his personal account and his official account (@Official_JYrock). aaannnd~unexpectedly his official account replied my tweet (aaak~~~!!!)

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