silhouette (part 1)

Happy saturday~!

Today,i just wanna post the silhouette i made. Why should i made this? haha..even i don’t know why i should or shouldn’t. Just wanna make it and spontaneously make it. Actually some of this i made about 3 or 2 months ago.

The  inspiration? Hmmm,, it came when i have a look at my friend’s face. Actually the side of the face looks more unique! Why? because every people have a different forehead, nose, mouth,etc. Especially the nose! Some women or girl will make the nose looks more sharp with the make up and shading. but the silhouette can’t lied. *the power of make-up~!*

I’m using Photoshop when i made this.

Aaaaand that’s it…..


Raisa Andriana (Indonesian singer)


Angel Pieters (Indonesian singer)


Lee Hi (Korean singer)


Ailee (Korean singer)


Juniel (Korean singer)

Hope u’ll like it. If u have any question just comment on this post or mention me with ur tweet 🙂 .

Thank you..